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Relax in the realm of nature or in our dry sauna

Mini SPA

true silence and relaxation...

A relaxing dry sauna awaits… elegant surroundings and warmth delicately penetrating troughout your body. The calmness and clarity you will discover in our mini spa will stay with you long after you leave, in addition to higher vitality, better humour and a radiant appearance.

Our mini spa will not only take care of your radiant appearance and improve your mood, but provide you with moments of true silence and relaxation...

Sunny meadow

gains greater energy and vitality

Simply recline comfortably on the wooden sunbed in a comfortable, roomy atmosphere and enjoy the warm rays delicately caressing your skin. While you relax, your skin takes on a delicate, natural colour, and your body gains greater energy and vitality.
As the tanning device - the so-called "sunny meadow" - is situated in the ceiling, it provides tanning and health benefits similar to those provided by natural sun's rays.

After you have enjoyed your sunbath, relax under a shower in a truly unique space, with hundreds of small lights in the ceiling.

For family

something special for children and parents

Villa Art is a unique place for a holiday with children. Walk with the whole family amongst beautiful mountain scenery, ski together on the snowy slopes, enjoy the garden, or gather the family for dinner in your apartment. At Villa Art, you can enjoy a variety of these activities.

If you enjoy family holidays, but also like to spend some time alone with your partner, take advantage of the opportunities Villa Art offers for both parents and children.

Play room

ideal for colder weather

While tired parents unwind in our mini spa, children can spend many fascinating moments in our kids' play room or the villa's garden.

A multitude of toys, chalkboard, bright drawings on the walls and a large play area will enable children to escape to a world of imagination. And they can play happily even in colder weather. During the summer months, children can go outside and spend hours in the fresh air in our secluded garden.


beautiful mountains and green grass

Relax in the realm of nature...  the southern sun in warm, clear air. Bare mountain peaks to your left, succulent green grass on your right. Sunbathing on a deck chair is just one of the activities you can enjoy in Villa Art's secluded garden.

Spend a romantic evening here preparing your favourite meal on the barbecue. No deadlines, telephone calls or urgent messages. Just you and your loved ones, the delicious smell of freshly grilled food under the flickering starlight.

Fresh air

surrounded with mountains

While parents enjoy relaxing in one of Villa Art's many different ways, children can let their imaginations run free in a land of fantasy, playing in the specially constructed mini-playground in Villa Art's garden. Games played outside will be unforgettable, and the sun and crisp mountain air will ensure your children will be happy and healthy.
From solitary, reflective relaxation, to happy social gatherings - spending time in Villa Art's garden is simply one of a number of activities which this unique place offers.